How does it work?

Request a Bible

Request a bible by clicking the “get started” button below or clicking on the “Request a Bible” menu option. You will then create a profile by completing the form provided.


Make your first Donation

After creating your profile and requesting your bible, you will proceed to the payment details where you will make your very first donation to the Aquila Travelling Bible Project for the first month or once-off for 12 months. Once you've made your first payment your bible will be released to you.


Track your Bible

You can, at any point, track your bible by using the “Bible number” and “Unique Bible ID” which you would have found on the inside of your bible. Make sure to keep this information somewhere safe before sending your bible on.


Receive your Bible
Once you have received your bible, read carefully the instructions on the inside of your bible briefcase to ensure that you have received all your starter pack goodies and that you understand fully the process of the Aquila Travelling Bible Project.
Make notes, underline and share thoughts

Don’t be afraid to write down thoughts or underline verses that stand out for you during your quiet time with God. This is the purpose behind your bible travelling the world. This is what makes the Aquila Travelling Bible journey so exciting!

Send your bible on…

After one month you must depart the bible onto its next exciting journey by giving it to a friend, colleague, family member or church member. The instructions of this process will be on your bible briefcase.