If you are the first to receive this bible from Aquila Bible:

  1. Fill out your details in the section provided at the back of your bible.
  2. We encourage you to underline verses and jot down what that scripture meant to you next to the underlined verses.
  3. You are able to track your bible on the Aquila Travelling Bible website by using the Bible Number & Unique Bible I.D provided in the front of the Bible. (www.aquilabibles.com)
  4. If you have not done so yet take a photo of yourself with the Aquila Travelling Bible. While hosting the Bible be as creative as you like and take the Bible on a traveling photo journey and post it to our Facebook or Instagram pages (Inbox/Tag us).
  5. Don’t forget to spread the word about the Aquila Bibles Travelling Project to your friends, family, colleagues and church members. Keep in mind that after a month you will need to make sure that the Aquila Travelling Bible does not miss its flight to its next destination.
  6. See the Departing Checklist below before departure.

If you have received this bible from an Aquila Bible Carrier:

  1. Register the Bible by going to aquilabibles.com and clicking on the “REGISTER BIBLE” menu option. Fill out your details (your postal address, email address and mobile number are essential) and proceed to payment.
  2. Select a payment option: you can order a monthly debit of at least R150 or you can pay a once-off fee of R1800 for the year (12 months) or more.
  3. Once your first donation has been completed, you will receive an info-pack from us via email confirming your bible registration. Your Aquila Travelling Bible Certificate will be on its way via post.
  4. Thereafter complete steps 1 to 6 above.

Departing Checklist:

  • The Aquila Bible is neatly packed in its original travel case.. (You are welcome to add any travel sticker to the travel case.
  • Any damages occurred to the Aquila Bible whilst in your possession needs to be reported to info@aquilabibles.com.
  • You have provided us with feedback on your Aquila Bible experience that we can share in our newsletter and online. Feel free to email us, or message us privately on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Make sure that you explain the process to the next Bible Carrier. All done? Then we’re ready for take-off!