In a society that is rushed, and where time management is most people’s greatest challenge, it is sometimes difficult for the modern Christian to be involved with projects or outreach opportunities helping other Christians in need in a meaningful manner. Many Christians would like to offer their help, but do not have the time or networks to do so. The Aquila Travelling Bible project strives to address this problem.

The aims of the Aquila Travelling Bible project

  • To create an interdenominational social network undertaken by Christians who worship the triune God
  • To give testimony of the power of the Living Word
  • To bring financial and other aid to alleviate a broad spectrum of need
  • To encourage active participation in the distribution of material and spiritual blessing
  • To integrate the application of modern technology in addition to personal contact
  • To complete a missions-journey of 1 000 Bibles for seven years throughout the entire world